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15:37 HD Video
& 116 Photos

Sweet Hazel Rose

The second set of one of our favorite girls. Natural looking Hazel Rose is just so sexy and she's tired of posing and wants to get off. She soon gets ride of her colorful clothes showing that she much...

28th Jun 2023

    Rating: 4.96

13:57 HD Video
& 122 Photos

Kayla Moon - Gone too Soon

The editorial below was written before Kayla was killed. I decided to leave in intact and share it as is. Either way, she's awesome. The camera fucking loves her, and KilaKali once again does a stellar...

27th Jun 2023

    Rating: 4.75

15:02 HD Video
& 122 Photos

Sugary Sweet Kupkakes

I hope you have a sweet tooth, because biting into this Kupkake is going to be a jolt to the system. This tiny little terror (in a good way) has been a site favorite since debuting in 2017 and we love...

26th Jun 2023

    Rating: 4.92

13:38 HD Video
& 113 Photos

The Feeling of Beauty

I don't know what it is about Beauty that excites me so much. She's clearly super cute, and that body is tight, tiny and made for sex with those big boobs, perfect nipples, pretty fucking huge cock, and...

23rd Jun 2023

    Rating: 4.85

17:31 HD Video
& 117 Photos

A Very Juicy Black Cherry

This Black Cherry just got all that much more juicier and sweeter than the last time we saw her in Sept 2021. This 30-something year old from Detroit, stands at a perfect 5ft 7, with thick thighs and hot...

22nd Jun 2023

    Rating: 4.81

23:43 HD Video
& 186 Photos

Sasha Da Doll - A Star

What a really great scene. This has everything I look for. Two models who are into each other, and enjoying each others bodies. Both of them looking great. The sexual tension and chemistry comes through...

21st Jun 2023

    Rating: 4.71

14:10 HD Video
& 119 Photos

Oiled Up With Mari

Another sexy set featuring February 2023's Model of the Month on This 21 year old NYC sexy siren has a lithe, sexy body with great legs, thighs and just about everything perfect. Dark...

20th Jun 2023

    Rating: 5.00

17:51 HD Video
& 119 Photos

The Magnificent Jasmine Lotus

What can I say about Jasmine that I haven't said before? I've waxed lyrical about her for years, yet every time I see a new set, she just keeps looking better. Today we're looking at her through the lens...

19th Jun 2023

    Rating: 4.91

16:04 HD Video
& 120 Photos

No Available Cock

Some girls can't go without cock! And Mina is one of them. She loves cock. She likes it in her mouth, between her big lips, her large eyes staring up sweetly as she licks and sucks, and sucks and licks...

16th Jun 2023

    Rating: 4.70

17:13 HD Video
& 99 Photos

Miss Dreya Luv

She's got the vibe of a naughty store assistant, that's helped you buy something nice for your wife while you flirted back and forth, and you invited her back to your hotel room for some illicit sexy time....

15th Jun 2023

    Rating: 4.24

14:45 HD Video
& 110 Photos

The Divine Hazel Rose

A model we don't see enough of! This dark skinned, 23 year old stunner from Tennessee is 5ft 10, lean and sexy. I love her overall look and vibe that she brings to the shoots, she's natural looking and...

14th Jun 2023

    Rating: 4.73

15:08 HD Video
& 116 Photos

RIP - Kayla Moon

The editorial below was written before Kayla was killed. I decided to leave in intact and share it as is. She's back! I love her. She's one of my favourite models on this site, and I'd love see her...

13th Jun 2023

    Rating: 5.00


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12:18 HD Video
& 102 Photos

Ready to Play

Perk up your ears and shake your tail because Rabbit is ready to play and she's all sexed up and turned on, waiting for you to join her on the sofa. Getting your hands rubbing over her body, her flat tummy,...

12th Jun 2023

    Rating: 4.94

15:38 HD Video
& 119 Photos

Cum Join Aelin Blue

She's on the bed all alone, and she's horny. Dressed for fun in her sexy sleep wear, showing just enough boobage and her cock tucked up, but pushing out in those matching panties. If nobody is available...

9th Jun 2023

    Rating: 4.89

18:00 HD Video
& 104 Photos

Toned & Horned

After a good debut in March in which she rated high, and we got requests for her to return, Radius is giving us his take on Thee Girlty, as he was going through her area recently. 5ft 7, 25 years old...

8th Jun 2023

    Rating: 4.79

25:31 HD Video
& 193 Photos

Queen Cammi Needs Cock

The size difference is almost comical, but Country Boi is no shorty and 5ft 10, it's just that Queen Cammi is 6ft 2 and then in heels! But that's not too important, what is, is that Country Boi has a...

7th Jun 2023

    Rating: 4.43

13:33 HD Video
& 113 Photos

Tha Donn Returns!

Mari tha Donn is back. February 2023's Model of the Month created quite the stir, so Omar rushed her back in for new solos and a partnered scene. This time Mari went for a more natural make-up look to...

6th Jun 2023

    Rating: 4.90

16:12 HD Video
& 118 Photos

Jean Genie

I love to see a girl in blue denim jeans, especially ones that hug their ass, and enhance their thighs, sitting just at hip level. I think it's a great look, and seeing the bulge at the front, which when...

5th Jun 2023

    Rating: 4.63

15:15 HD Video
& 102 Photos

The Starlet!

This cutie applied only a few weeks ago and we were lucky Omar was able to get her in. I'm totally digging everything about her - the dark skin, the hair, the big boobs, the pretty face, the round smooth...

2nd Jun 2023

    Rating: 4.73

17:33 HD Video
& 119 Photos

Full Moon Thursday

Every time Santana bends over and puts that large booty in the air, the birds stop singing, people start to look up, the skies darken and we get a lunar eclipse. It's always great to see this highly...

1st Jun 2023

    Rating: 4.86

13:32 HD Video
& 110 Photos

Popping Sparkle

Another hot set by a legacy model, Sparkle in her 18th year teasing, and titillating BlackTgirls members. This 30-something cutie from Georgia, has a great look about her, and those big lips and big eyes,...

31st May 2023

    Rating: 4.50

13:26 HD Video
& 108 Photos

Another Bite of the Cherry

The awesomeness of Cherry Cane returns in this second set from KilaKali and she's horny, and ready for play. It doesn't take long before she's naked and showing off her petite body, with it's perfect boobs...

30th May 2023

    Rating: 4.32

12:59 HD Video
& 107 Photos

Run Rabbit Run

Cutiepie Rabbit makes her first return shoot since 2021 with a new look but same sexy vibes. Slim of body, wide of hips, full of breasts, large of smile, strong of cock and with nipples that if you get...

29th May 2023

    Rating: 4.63

16:27 HD Video
& 119 Photos

Mina Splash onto BlackTgirls

Debuting Mina Splash, our second black model debuting from the UK this year - and I think that's more than we've seen in the past 10 years! Keep them coming. Originally from Africa, now living in London,...

26th May 2023

    Rating: 4.97

15:24 HD Video
& 111 Photos

Welcome Back Diamond Karatz

I can't believe we haven't seen Diamond Karatz since 2019! An amazing looking model who has worked with us since 2014, and she's just looking fantastic. I love her naturally beautiful face, her super...

25th May 2023

    Rating: 5.00

23:26 HD Video
& 194 Photos

Mari Enjoys This Thick Cock

Country Boi has a big, thick cock and Mari couldn't keep her eyes off it - she was practically drooling by the time she got her eyes on it, and then her mouth was firmly clamped around his shaft, sliding...

24th May 2023

    Rating: 4.39

13:11 HD Video
& 106 Photos

The Third Arm of Jada Dickens

She's like a tripod. That's a long cock on Jada Dickens, and it's straight, and erect and almost looks like an extra limb... without the painted finger nails. Jada has always been a starlet and seven...

23rd May 2023

    Rating: 4.75

14:39 HD Video
& 113 Photos

Freakii Shortii's Biggii Cockii

Personally, nine times of ten I prefer to see a girl with her natural hair color and this is no exception. I love Freakii and she's still a hot girl and a super model, but I like her with her usual dark...

22nd May 2023

    Rating: 4.61

15:29 HD Video
& 120 Photos

Introducing Aelin Blue

It's always my favourite day when I get to introduce a new, cute and vibrant girl on our sites, and to the trans erotica world. Aelin applied directly to the site, and as she is in Atlanta (which is one...

19th May 2023

    Rating: 4.73

19:15 HD Video
& 118 Photos

All About Butt

It's been a year since we've seen Alanna Elu appear on the site, but she's back and she's wanting to show off that beautiful, big, ebony ass. This pretty Florida girl, is slim and tall and has great natural...

18th May 2023

    Rating: 4.72

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