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From humble beginnings, Black Tgirls has grown to be a huge site and the authority on Black trans erotica. Most of our models come from the USA and we have photographers in many cities across the country but we also have Black transgender models from the UK, Canada and those beautiful black Brazilian trans girls!

There is no other black tgirl site that can compare to this website. Take a walk on the wild side, with

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14:50 HD Video
& 96 Photos

More Lovely Lacey

Our one-shot orgasm shoot this week is courtesy of KilaKali who brought Lovely Lacey back in. This slim cutie debuted in May 2022 and was a big hit right away. I've got to say, I don't care for the...

8th Dec 2022

    Rating: 5.00

21:49 HD Video
& 166 Photos

Eros Orisha Goes Epic!

Recent debut model, Eros Orisha impressed us with her great looks, sexy body and sexual energy right away, that we wanted her straight back in ... and who was ready, cocked and loaded? The man himself,...

7th Dec 2022

    Rating: 4.50

17:35 HD Video
& 115 Photos

Cute Tiffany Cums

23 year old Texas Tgirl extraordinaire, Tiffany Stackemz just needs to orgasm. It's all very well playing with yourself and teasing guys through their computer screens, but all that teasing builds a lot...

6th Dec 2022

    Rating: 4.00

14:22 HD Video
& 106 Photos

I 'Heart' Naraya!

It's been over a year since we've seen Naraya and she's looking better than ever.  She's ridiculously pocket-size at a compact 5ft 2 - with great boobs and a nice round ass. When she's bent over with...

5th Dec 2022

    Rating: 5.00

16:16 HD Video
& 97 Photos

All Hail Miss American Meat!

5ft 5 and a bundle of fun, is what this cutie looks like. She's a great poser, showing off her natural good looks, the curves of her hips, those thick thighs, the pendulum breasts with large brown nipples,...

2nd Dec 2022

    Rating: 4.64

15:43 HD Video
& 102 Photos

Get Ready to Strokes.

Holly Strokes is back. She's one of the most popular models to grace this site, and she's just looking fabulous. Long and lean, with killer legs, and an outrageous butt a the top - round, big and ready...

1st Dec 2022

    Rating: 4.50

17:14 HD Video
& 120 Photos

Wow! Our Stunning Model of the Month.

I see a lot of new models every year, and I've been doing this for 26 years so when I get a model delivered from a producer that literally makes me go 'Wow!' then she must be someone special, and it only...

30th Nov 2022

    Rating: 4.69

16:27 HD Video
& 99 Photos

Coco Cums!

Long, lean Coco always delivers. He slim body, accented by some big tits up top and balanced by a rather large ass on the bottom is made for sex - and with that smile, those eyes, and that demeanour you...

29th Nov 2022

    Rating: 4.00

14:33 HD Video
& 108 Photos

The Bodacious Blonde Lilli

After making an auspicious debut in a one shot special in September, we rushed Blond Lilli back for reshoots in Los Angeles, from Buddy Wood. This cutie is tall and slim, with some sweet boobs and dark...

28th Nov 2022

    Rating: 5.00


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