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heavenallenwhite1119 660x441 This is Heavenly!

Now that’s a sight I like to see. A hot black tgirl like Heaven getting her she-pussy eaten out! Tony Vee shot a really deliciously raunchy hardcore with Heaven from New York City.  Her she-pussy is so tight when he fucks her, as proven by her moans and begging for more.

heavenallenwhite1082 329x441 This is Heavenly!heavenallenwhite1109 334x441 This is Heavenly!


blksmcandyf 308x441 Black Shemale Candy DVD Pre sale Available Now!blksmcandyb 308x441 Black Shemale Candy DVD Pre sale Available Now!

This summer has proven to be one of the hottest yet! With temperatures in the record highs, here’s an excuse to stay indoors and rub one out instead. Check out Grooby Productions/Third World Media’s latest title Black Shemale Candy. StarringKayla BIGGS, Paris Pirelli, Candi Love, Shakira, Vanilla–this is a black tgirl lover’s best wet dream!

Check out my scene by scene summary of the DVD below!

When Candi Love saunters down the long stairwell in her tight skirt and heels, she takes your breath away. Her guy is completely obsessed with her ass and I can’t say that I blame him. He pushes his tongue between her cheeks, licking her generously. He turns her around and slides down her panties to reveal her hard cock. He wastes no time sucking her off and she returns the favor by putting the entire length of his cock in her eager mouth.

He reclines back on the couch and Candi straddles him, sitting on his cock and riding him like a horny cowgirl. Her cock swings wildly with each thrust and one point she holds onto it while bouncing on his dick. She turns to face him and we get a perfect view of her round ass. It’s mesmerizing to see his cock entering her over and over again.

He lays her on her back so he can have more control of his thrusts, plowing into her. Candi is overwhelmed by the length of his cock, crying out in ecstasy so loud that it feels like it shakes the walls of the apartment. My favorite part of this scene, by far, is when there’s a close up of Candi’s ass and you can see her she-pussy pulsating, almost asking to be fucked more. He must have heard her loud and clear because he then fucks her doggie style on the couch, slapping her ass to watch it jiggle. When Candi cums all over herself, you’ll be wondering if her cum is as sweet as her name implies.

I was excited to see Black Shemale Candy’s covergirl Kayla BIGGS’ scene. Her cock is mesmerizing on the cover and I was curious to see how she’d perform. Kayla is positioned alone on the stairwell, “studying” on her ipad. John Magnum approaches and before I know it, he’s slurping up her magnificent sized cock in his mouth. She’s so big that he can’t take her entire length in his mouth, but he tries anyway.

Magnum sits open legged on the stairwell and Kayla rides him hard, her big cock flopping around with each thrust. She turns to face him and Magnum jerks her off while she rides him. I loved watching Kayla’s petite body grinding against Magnum—you can tell he just can’t get enough of her and wants to be as deep inside of her as possible. At one point, there’s a close up of Kayla’s ass getting pounded that will make your mouth water. The cumshot in this scene is worth watching, as she-milk spills all over Kayla’s hand as she brings herself to climax.

John Magnum must be hungry from all the fucking because he orders a pizza right after their session. The hottest pizza girl I’ve ever seen comes to drop it off and he complains that he ordered a meat pizza, with extra meat. Pizza girl, Shakira, says she has “a lot of meat,” so John takes her into the bedroom to see for himself.

Much to his surprise and excitement, Shakria has a cock, a big cock!  John is happy to get a taste of her “extra meat” and sucks her off.  He pulls off her cloths and kisses her passionately, caressing her tight body and then leaning down to suck her erect nipples. She then lies on her back and John Magnum thrusts in her mouth, all while she maintains her noticeable hard-on. He gladly jerks her off while she sucks him off, then fucks her wet and raw. Demonstrating great flexibility, John Magnum fucks Shakira in a variety of positions. My favorite is her on her back, looking a bit like human pretzel, with Magnum thrusting downwards into her she-pussy.

In this next scene, Christian is getting some action on the couch with Paris Pirelli. He pulls down her bra to reveal her pieced nipples and then tongues it before coming up for a kiss. When a t-girl gets a piercing, you can bet she has more than one! That happens to be the case with Paris Pirelli. I won’t give away too much, but let’s just say she has piercings in some pretty interesting places.

Paris is a master cock sucker and takes Christian’s big cock in her mouth with ease. When he finally fucks her, he does is gently at first. She wants more and moves her body so he can fuck her deeper. Her ass is a damn fantastic and if you love a hot ebony shemale with a booty, Paris will make you cock rock solid.

Paris Pirelli is a fantastic performer with a great ass to match. She makes some of the hottest sex faces I’ve ever seen. I’m sure guys could come just by watching her face alone. Christian holds her close while they fuck and when she cums all over herself, you’ll be reaching for the Kleenex as well.

The last scene begins with Christian waiting in bed, cock hard, for ebony tranny Vanilla to join him. They waste no time getting into it and 69, with Vanilla taking the entire length of Christian’s dick in her mouth. She even grabs cups his balls to push his cock deeper.

If you remember Vanilla from the Transexdomination DVD, Vanilla is a force to be reckoned with as a top. Christian seems to know what he’s in for because he easily lets her cock slide into him. To get a big guy like Christian to submit to you takes skill and Vanilla knows how to use her cock well.

The best part of this scene, by far, is when she thrusts into Christian’s mouth. We have a close-up of her cock and it looks wet and long. They switch positions and Vanilla takes Christian’s cock into her mouth.

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amina3002 294x441 Sexy Amina Returns on Black TGirlsamina3053 294x441 Sexy Amina Returns on Black TGirls

Black shemale Amina made her debut on Black TGirls back in 2009 and she continues to look fantastic in 2011!  I just want to pour chocolate syrup on her naked body. I’d even put a cherry on her she-cock!

Black TGirls is packed with features and TONS of horny ebony shemales. It’s one of Grooby’s most popular sites and with the recent addition of .mp4 videos, you can now stream videos right  from your ipad or iphone!

amina3056 660x441 Sexy Amina Returns on Black TGirls


divine1012 288x441 Simply Divine!divine1027 295x441 Simply Divine!

Talk about about Divine intervention. When Black TGirl Divine entered my life, it was heavenly! This Memphis native certainly earns her name, with her slender body, long legs, and perfectly round ass!

divine1029 645x441 Simply Divine!


missmink rulers.amp .011 294x441 Miss Mink and the TGirl Truth Metermissmink rulers.amp .003 297x441 Miss Mink and the TGirl Truth Meter

Have you guys checked out Shemale Inch yet? It’s a free blog where you can see your favorite t-girl performers measuring their cocks with the trusty t-girl truth meter! In particular  for horny Black TGirls, I would like to know how they measure up!

missmink rulers.amp .013 683x1024 Miss Mink and the TGirl Truth Meter


IMG 0898 copy 330x441 Eclair Valentines Birthday Bash at Blue Moon Nights!IMG 0878 copy 330x441 Eclair Valentines Birthday Bash at Blue Moon Nights!

Eclair Valentine’s Sweet Chocolate Birthday party was just as fun as it sounds! Blue Moon Nights hosted the event and so many hotties came to celebrate the night!  Eclair celebrated her Birthday at BluemoonNights with a performance and a cake with a full club of Hotties like Celeste, Foxxy, Yasmin Lee, Morgan Bailey, Nomi Love, Kala Coxx, TS Gorgeous, Patricia,  with GoGo Dancers Jenna Belle, Aliana Starr, Aliize Doll, Miranda, and a long list of the sweetest tgirls in town!

The TGirls Blog has exclusive pictures from that night too! Check it weekly to see pictures from the parties.

IMG 0814 copy 330x441 Eclair Valentines Birthday Bash at Blue Moon Nights!IMG 0833 copy 330x441 Eclair Valentines Birthday Bash at Blue Moon Nights!


EclairBday This Thursday is Eclair Valentines Birthday!

Little Chocolate Eclair will be having her sweet Chocolate Birthday this Thursday at Blue Moon Nights! the video should explain it all! see you there Oh and check out eclair valentine Live on

natalia coxxx1 294x441 Horny Natalia Coxxx Hits the Gymnatalia coxxx2 294x441 Horny Natalia Coxxx Hits the Gym

What has ebony shemale pornstar Natalia Coxxx been up to lately? Lots! In this casual set, it looks like she just came home from a hard workout at the gym and she’s still feeling horny. She decides the only true way to unwind would be to stroke that rock hard dick of hers.  Natalia is one of the hottest performers in the industry right now! She is a POWER FUCKER and knows how to plow into a tight asshole.

natalia coxxx3 294x441 Horny Natalia Coxxx Hits the Gymnatalia coxxx4 294x441 Horny Natalia Coxxx Hits the Gym


sashadior.amp013 295x441 See How Your Favorite Ebony Beauties Measure Up!sashadior.amp008 295x441 See How Your Favorite Ebony Beauties Measure Up!

Ever wondered how your favorite shemale pornstars measured up? Well, instead of guessing, now you can know just how big (or small) these hot t-girls are!   Shemale Inch is a free blog that features a wide variety of transsexual pornstars measuring their cocks using our special t-girl truth meter. This apparatus does not lie! .2109 661x441 See How Your Favorite Ebony Beauties Measure Up!


Domino Relaese Party copy 352x441 Sheba Starr and Noriko to Appear at Blue Moon Nights Tonight

Domino Presley will probably be one of the most popular performers in 2011. We’re having a big party tonight for her at Blue Moon Night to celebrate the launch of her official solo site and her first full-length DVD Shemale Pornstar: Domino Presley.

How does this effect all you ebony shemale lovers? Well, smokin’ hot black t-girls Noriko and Black TGirls Model of the Year Sheeba Starr will be go-go dancing tonight!

The party rages on from 10pm-3am at Blue Moon Nights in North Hollywood. See you there!

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